Sweet Peaches and Tea


Cocktail Hour

A batch of Grapefruit and Elderberry Flower with a splash of Bourbon for the freezer – and a bourbon with a splash of grapefruit and elderberry flower for me!

Banana Fosters 2, 3, 4…

Banana Fosters ice pop 2, 3, and 4 in the makings!

Pefecting the Chocolate Brownie Grasshopper POP

We had a Chocolate Brownie Grasshopper POP taste test this morning.

POP #3 was the winner with its silky smooth texture, but the solid minty surprise in the center of POP #2A made it a close second. Tonight’s project will be to concoct Chocolate Brownie Grasshopper POPs #4 – #7.

Looking for that perfect combination of today’s favorites.

Rice Pudding from Heaven

Today a Rice Pudding POP fell from the sky.

Fun in the kitchen

So… My adzuki beans sprouted before I had a chance to turn them into a red bean pop!  Luckily, I have some very ripe apricots that will be perfect for a Maple Apricot ice pop.

I also took some fresh bananas and made a Banana fosters 1 pop!  It’s pretty freakin’ good… but, a little heavy on the fosters side.  So, next up is Banana Fosters 2!  We’ll see if this can rival the Banana Puddin’ 4!  We’ve got to make sure our pops are perfect before introducing them to the citizens of Pop Nation!

After a long trip back to SF from the east coast, I was pretty hungry and needed a few POPS.

Sticks 'n Sticks 'n Sticks

Adzuki Beans!

They’ve soaked overnight and are ready to boil… On the chopping board for tomorrow is an Asian inspired Red Bean ice pop.  Stay posted to see how this turns out!

Taste Test Time!

Coconut Palm Sugar – the Healthy Alternative!

Coconut Palm Sugar made from the sweet sap of the palm.  With a relatively low glycemic index, it’s becoming increasingly more popular as a healthy alternative to regular sugar!

At Pop Nation, our ice pops are both delicious and healthy!